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Sunstone Solar is committed to providing high-quality residential solar systems and outstanding service, from start to finish.

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Your utility meter measures your daily energy use in kilowatt hours. When your solar produces more energy than you need, the meter goes backward giving you a credit.  When the sun isn’t shining, you use these credits instead of paying your utility company, saving you a lot of money in the process.

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Real-time Monitoring

Each solar system we install comes with live monitoring. This allows you to view your daily power production and lets our team know that everything is working correctly.

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"We recently had Sunstone install a 3k solar system on our home in Rocklin, CA. We had been in our home for only 2 years and in that short time saw an increase in our electric bill between our 1st and 2nd years! Some months our bill was greater than our car payment and we found ourselves "being conservative" aka uncomfortable really. Having to do things like telling my husband and the kids constantly turn off that light! or to turn off the AC when it reached 74 degrees was a pain. We paid a lot for our home and the goal was certainly not to be miserable. Now we are able to live comfortably and have an average bill of $30-35 (which is all fixed charges and taxes.) We accomplished two things at once! The process was upfront and with honest (not exaggerated expectations) and everything was smooth sailing. SolarWorld panels, 24/7 monitoring with Enphase and an excellent install (including painting the eye sore metal conduit to match the color of our home!) Thank you Sunstone for making this home improvement project easy. We are now looking into those beautiful windows you offer. Talk to you soon!"


"We own property and custom designed and built our Wilton, CA home. Having to work with several contractors simultaneously can be overwhelming and we are thankful our experience with Sunstone was a breeze. Great options, competitive pricing and friendly and knowledgeable staff led us to the decision to elect them to install our windows and bathroom. We will be going solar after things settle down a little and these guys will be the ones to do it! Great experience."


"I had these guys install a 5k solar system on my home the end of last year and I can say this is the first summer where I'm not paranoid when anticipating my electric bill. I'm big on purchasing products that are made in the USA and my SolarWorld panels are. They cleaned up after themselves (you would never know they were there.) I'm an engineer and watched them tediously as they were doing the install and was proud to see they followed all safety requirements. Details like that and painting the conduit make a huge difference to me. I probably can't afford it until next year but I will be contacting these guys to install my new windows, I like to stick with companies that have treated me right. Thanks guys, I'm loving my bill for the first time ever!"


"Process was smooth, install was timely and looks great! They did all of the work; paperwork to PG&E, permits, inspections and even got approval from my HOA (which can be a REAL pain.) Glad I didn't have to deal with any of that. Their presentation was straight forward and to the point and I drilled him with questions (I had done my research) all of which were answered with confidence and were correct. My system is performing as promised, great warranty and USA products. Thanks Sunstone, you get 5 stars in my book."


"Thank you Susntone Home Services! I got many bids/quotes before choosing them and am glad I took the time to do so. I had quotes from the bigger solar companies constantly advertised on TV and the radio and was really disappointed! I called just to ask a couple of follow up questions and waited forever on a call center line. I thought to myself is this what I would have to deal with in the future if I need something or something goes wrong? Many voice mails were left and no return call (I opted to leave a message after being on hold forever.) I always got someone on the phone and was given what I needed. They went out of their way to fix an error that PG&E had made and it was promptly resolved. They earned my respect for NOT having the "it wasn't our fault" attitude but the "I will keep calling until they correct it" attitude. My panels are pumping out the power at a rate that was promised and the installation looks clean. They even came back out after I was on the grid just to walk me through the system and answer any other questions. Thanks team, you were a please to work with and I have already recommended you to many neighbors!"


"Sunstone installed our new windows the beginning of the year. They were the original windows from when the house was built and needed replacing. I admit I thought at first a window is a window but boy was I misinformed. With technology nowadays and everyone "going green" they have come a long way! They are beautiful and really changed the whole look of our home inside and out. We have several dogs and chose the doggy door option. It is so nice to not have to worry when we are at work about coming home to "messes." They are able to freely run the backyard and are happy happy! Their pricing was competitive (we had 2 other quotes and they both kept changing the pricing.) Sunstone laid it out and that was it! No car salesman type tactics and we really appreciated that. I highly recommend them, they are honest and perform quality work!"


“We are so happy with our solar system that we purchased from SunStone Solar. Our average monthly electric bill went from $170 down to $33 per month. And we our happy that we can monitor the production of our system right from our phones. We highly recommend SunStone to anyone interested in getting solar for their home.”


Karl Johnson

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Client: Karl & Mary Johnson

Location: Sacramento, CA

System Size: 4 KW

With over 35 years of home energy conservation experience, each member of our carefully selected team ensures that your home energy project will flow with ease and precision while holding our values of honesty and integrity. We are an all inclusive residential energy efficient company dedicated to providing California homeowners with premium products and state of the art technology with stellar service. From solar and window installation to HVAC and siding, each project is custom designed and engineered to maximize energy savings for our clients. Every home owner should be have the freedom to choose where they get their energy, to control their home’s energy costs, and be safe from grid disruption.

Our Mission Statement:
​​​​​​​“To provide a quality product with superior experience at a quality rate!!”